Eyeronix has performed penetration testing and red team engagements, forensics and incident response, security engineering, and provides continuous monitoring solutions for many years. Our team has a proven track record of delivering high quality work from the best of breed; and industry leading professionals.

Security Solutions​ for any environment


Penetration Testing

Our world class security team uses best-in-class vulnerability assessment and penetration testing tools to supplement our manual penetration testing methodology. Unlike other penetration testing teams we do not stop once we obtain domain credentials; we provide a holistic assessment of all the risks in your environment.

Security Engineering

Security engineering, architecture and design is an integrated and cohesive process that is focused on addressing potential and actual risks in the organizations environment. Eyeronix will can design, implement, and operate the most effective security solutions tailored for your organization.


Continuous Monitoring

A majority of organizations that perform penetration tests and security assessment fail to follow up an implement the proper security controls recommended during the security assessment. Eyeronix provides a continuous monitoring service that can help organizations manage and track the progress of mitigation and security control implementations.

Penetration Testing

Shared Services

Incident Response and Forensics

Eyeronix Comprehensive Solutions

Organizations planning for a penetration test have to juggle many competing priorities and requirements. Budgetary pressures are ever-present, and organizations need to ensure that penetration tests are performed by a reputable firm, with expert assessors. Eyeronix performs comprehensive penetration testing services with specialized services and engineering teams for both external network infrastructure and internal networks. All engagements are specifically tailored to provide the highest return on investment for lowering the risk of a security incident, breach, or data leak. While the goal is to find all vulnerabilities, our process is respectful and collaborative, working together with key resources to effectively understand the remediation process.

Penetration Testing

Cloud Security

Security Architecture and Engineering

Information Security with real world experience

Our world class security team uses best-in-class vulnerability assessment and penetration testing tools to supplement our manual penetration testing methodology. 
The Eyeronix methodology is designed to manually simulate real-world attacks, mimicking the tactics deployed by malicious hackers.The Eyeronix reporting methodology provides actual and measurable risk-rated findings and recommendations to help you better protect your networks and systems from compromise.

There is a misconception that the cloud service provider is in charge of securing the cloud environment. Cloud security providers such as Amazon, Microsoft and Google take care of security for their physical data centers and the server hardware the virtual machines run on, but leave the individual customer in charge of protecting the virtual machines and applications. Eyeronix helps organizations fill this gap by providing services and solutions to secure your cloud environment. Eyeronix will help identify misconfigurations; increase visibility; assess access controls; and implement effective security solutions.


The Eyeronix team has extensive experience designing; engineering; and operating security solutions for enterprise networks. This includes everything from vulnerability management; identity access control; endpoint detection and response; SIEM's; and more.