Penetration Testing

Eyeronix performs comprehensive penetration testing services with specialized services and engineering teams for both external network infrastructure and internal networks. We excel at both black box discovery and white box penetration testing. All engagements are specifically tailored to provide the highest return on investment for lowering the risk of a security incident, breach, or data leak.


For most penetration testing teams the main agenda is to gain domain administrator credentials; our goal  is to find all vulnerabilities and work together with our clients to effectively understand the remediation process.

Advanced Red Team Assessments

Advanced ‘Red Team’ assessments utilize an incredible amount of human security engineering expertise to fully understand the threat impact of a real cyber-attack against your organization. If you need a full scale ‘no holds barred’ cyber attack launched at your organization or specific assets, Eyeronix Red Team assessments offer unparalleled insights into your security posture. Each Red Team engagement is unique and specifically tailored for every organization.

Vulnerability Assessments

We utilize vulnerability scanning software with the most up-to-date data security information that help our experts deliver actionable and prioritized recommendations to improve your IT security. Eyeronix experts will run a suite of cutting-edge digital tools on your IT system, seeking out and identifying security flaws. We’re experts at performing both credentialed and un-credentialed scans, assessing your level of risk from both insider and outsider threats.

Security Architecture and Engineering

Eyeronix Security Architecture and Engineering solutions enable organizations to effectively deploy systems with appropriate security mechanisms built in, and to more rapidly and effectively add them to legacy systems in order to protect valuable data. Eyeronix has the unique capability of leveraging penetration testing and vulnerability assessment data to develop; engineer; end implement effective security solutions.

Configuration Management, Control Change & Automation – support for the implementation of both effective processes and integrated tooling that improve the transparency of system configurations, control over configurations and change, and the rate at which changes can be implemented even while reducing potential negative impacts.

Security Architecture – support the upgrade and enhancement of legacy systems or design of new systems by ensuring that appropriate security controls are implemented based on the organization’s unique needs and requirements; and recommend changes to the infrastructure intended to improve overall security for multiple systems.


Security Engineering – implementation of systems designed to support and improve other security functions; and integration of security controls into core business systems to harden and improve resiliency against attack.


Decision Analysis & Resolution – ensure that important decisions regarding development, procurement, or reuse of technology components are made in a sensible and defensible way improving the return on security investments.

Incident Response and Forensics

Proactive defenses; early detection; effective triage procedures; and swift investigation are critical to fending off attackers and responding to threats. Many organizations face the challenge of an overwhelming number of alerts; inadequate information; and lack of visibility that prevent security analysts and security operations team from effectively defending against advanced attackers. Our Forensics and Investigation solutions will give you attack context, infrastructure-wide visibility, codified expertise, rich intelligence, and insights gained from front-line experience responding to the world’s most critical threats.

​Eyeronix has been on the front-lines of many high level and public breaches worldwide. Eyeronix understands and tracks many of the worlds APT's and emerging threat actors. In addition the Eyeronix team is highly trained in advanced tactics; techniques; and procedures (TTP's). Our penetration testers work hand in hand with our forensic investigators to cross train on rapidly changing TTP's. We help clients investigate and re-mediate faster and more efficiently; in order to reduce the impact on the business and revenue.

Continuous Monitoring

A majority of organizations that perform penetration tests and security assessment fail to follow up an implement the proper security controls recommended during the security assessment. Eyeronix provides a continuous monitoring service that can help organizations manage and track the progress of mitigation and security control implementations.

Eyeronix Continuous Monitoring Sevices ensure that organizations:

  • Categorize the underlying criticality and asset value of specific IT systems and data.

  • Select baseline security controls and apply device policies as directly related to overall risk.

  • Implement and validate effective controls that properly execute required security policies.

  • Assess continuously that all controls work in unison to maintain cross-infrastructure protection.

  • Authorize requests to alter network access and record all changes and their specific parameters.

  • Monitor all required security controls at all times to maintain overarching policy compliance.